If you’re a fan of trance, you MUST add MaRLo to the list of producers that you currently follow.  I discovered MaRLo through Ferry Corsten’s Countdown.  His track ‘Jaguar’ is currently featured in the top three and has been in the top three for the previous three weeks, peaking at number one two weeks ago.  ’Jaguar’ is an epic instrumental trance track; just crank up your speakers or headphones and go on the journey.  I know this sounds cheesy, but trust. 

'Jaguar' - OG mix


The tune featured in the post is called ‘The Island’, not to be confused with Pendulum’s version.  If you’re a fan of vocal trance, you’re in for a treat with this tune.  ’The Island’ was recently featured on Armin’s A State of Trance.

And finally, one of the tracks that put him on the map.  MaRLo’s remix of Brainbox was the preferred dance floor banger edit played out in Ferry Corsten’s live sets. 

'Brainbox' - MaRLo remix


Also, a link to his soundcloud and wiki:



@heatbeatmusic another MASSIVE tune from the Argentinian trance duo known best for tearing it up with TRASH.   #cometoLA #trancefamily

@bartclaessen @raznitzan @arminvanbuuren can’t stop listening to this mashup.  sounds so good rushing out of quality monitors #globaltrancefamily

A production by @SanderVanDoorn under his alias Purple Haze.  “Timezone” has a dark, almost eerie sound and feel.  Since his introduction to vocal production with “Love is Darkness”, it seems as if his work with vocals is paying off.  #kineticfieldclosingact #bethere


I’m an EDM junkie, and of course, the music is my fix.  

I’ve been listening to this one quite a bit.  It’s by Allure, Tiesto’s other dj-ego, ft. Jes.  I personally like the Solarstone club remix the best.  TyDi’s remix is definitely a close second and was featured as a future favorite on ASOT.